The mission of the Joseph A. Porco Scholarship Foundation is to find, encourage, and reward students for their future studies toward their careers. The scholarships that are offered are only a small part of the recognition—the greater aspect of this foundation is to encourage students to develop many and new and positive traits, and among those, ones that have helped Mr. Porco succeed in his life. We hope that students develop an awareness of those traits and put them into practice early in their lives to contribute toward future success.

Not all of Mr. Porco’s attributes may be suited for all students. Mr. Porco was an individual, as much as our applying students are. We hope that the characteristics we describe and seek in our scholarship review will help to develop clear signposts on a roadmap for success among all students who learn about them and embrace them. From this, we look forward to choosing scholarship winners who will be a joy in the lives of those in the foundation.

We invite any student wishing to know more about these characteristics and Mr. Porco to inquire directly to the foundation on this website.


Joseph A. Porco

About Joe Porco

Joseph A. Porco may not have been much different than people you know. A simple man, he was both steadfast in his beliefs and open to new ideas throughout his life. His upbringing and the many characteristics he developed throughout his life led him to great success in business and life.

Mr. Porco was, above all, dedicated to his family and to hard work. As a boy, young Joe lived adjacent to the family’s business—a propane company—and he spent a lot of time “at the office.” He was always ready and willing to help out whenever he was there, and that was most of his weekends and waking hours. He took a keen interest in all that was going on, and, in turn, he attracted others to involve him in daily operations. He nurtured his entrepreneurial side every day, both in the business and in his life, and he always helped others around him who wanted this trait in their lives.



Joe Porco

Joseph A. Porco in front of heating oil truck

Joe Porco’s Early Life & Entrepreneurial Spirit

In school, he enjoyed many friends, mostly because he was interested in them and their lives. This was a trait that he would bring into his career.

Mr. Porco learned that a strong grasp on finances as well as a true entrepreneurial spirit was essential to his family’s business. He studied finance and graduated from Marist College with a degree in accounting.

He returned to the family propane business and operated it with his brother Dominick for many years and, ultimately, on his own until his death.

He was fastidious in his work and generous in his support of many animal welfare organizations including Perfect Pets Rescue Inc.; FurBaby Rescue Inc.; ASPCA; DCSPCA; UlsterSPCA; Hudson Valley SPCA; Walden SPCA; For the Love of Alex, Inc.; Bleu’s Rescue, Inc.; Pets Alive, Inc.; Pet Buddies Food Pantry; Saving Grace NC; Best Friends Animal Society; Greater Good Charities; Morris Animal Foundation; Bissell Pet Foundation; and Wings of Rescue.

Mr. Porco always liked animals, but his love for them grew when he and his wife Debbie adopted their beloved Lucy and other dogs. The Porcos studied the plight of pets, pet owners, and shelters, along with the cost of critically needed surgeries. They founded Lucy The Rescue Dog Inc. to help offset these costs to support the needs of pets and their owners. Together, they wrote and published a children’s book both to develop awareness in children and to support their fundraising efforts.